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Daniel Zampieri Daniel Zampieri Daniel Zampieri Daniel Zampieri Daniel Zampieri Daniel Zampieri
  Daniel Zampieri
Le corse, le vittorie, i team, la storia di Daniel Zampieri


To get on a competitive team

Sports Experience

From 1999 to 2005 he took part in the most prestigious Karting races on a national and international level

He has placed in 38 out of his last 40 races

Taking part in the competition with his family at his side has been a new experience that he has lived "as if it were the first time"

Daniel’s joining the BVM team has let him experience competitive cars. His young age and his family have made this experience bear fruit. The work taken on from inside the BVM team, with their "feet on the ground", has been a learning experience. Daniel has acquired the best driving techniques. Nowadays Daniel is racing for CRAM, with the same modesty that he started with, always along side his family


Third year of Scientific High School at Istituto Assisium in Rome
I.T. course
English language course

All sports, running, body building, soccer, reading, sailing and computers


His racing training started with Karting where he laid the foundation of his racing career. Encouraged by his father, Giancarlo, who is his first coach, fan and sponsor, Daniel set out early to take on four-wheel racing in the "60 baby" category. He was still wet behind the ears when he began showing the strength of character necessary to take on the racing track. He stood out from the crowd by winning the Latium Regional races

His love for the sport has grown day by day. Daniel is willing to make the sacrifices necessary between school and gruelling training sessions in the Kartodromi, always with his family at his side. Soon afterwards, the first trophies started coming in – regional, and then later national. Moving from the "60 Baby" category to the "100 junior" division, the story stays the same. Victory after victory puts him in the international spotlight. He earns the nickname of the next "Fisichella" and not because both of them were born in the same city! The comparison started on the track where Daniel makes the difference on a wet track. Exactly like Fisichella, Daniel has built his reputation in the rain. Daniel is at his best in the rain. Daniel is good, a missile and his opponents know him and fear him. Thanks to his sensitive touch, Daniel always pulls out in front of the rest

Passing up to the 100 Intercontinental category has the same taste – break away, move out, but above all victories and more trophies

His partial break from Karting – he still trains at the Pista d’Oro near Rome – coincides with his need of a cockpit. There is talent. So the teams are queuing to get his signature on a contract. His family wisely refuses all the offers to sign with Giuseppe Mazzotti’s BVM Minardi – the team up to the task of getting his ready for the bone-breaking, but fascinating Formula Renault 2.0

In the winter of 2005/2006, after a brief internship in the driver’s seat of an old Formula Ford at Henry Morrogh’s school, Daniel started his first try outs on the Renault Italia’s 2-litre engine. The stamp of approval is given immediately. There is talent at 16 years of age as he starts out in the championship in the single-seat yellow and red Romagnia team. His first race is nothing less than the Spa-Francorchamps, a type of sports racing university. The track is beautiful, but dangerous, characterised by an infinite number of ups and downs with high banked curves. It was a good start in the rain of Hockenheim where Daniel put on a show and came up from behind, overtaking everybody to finish in the top ten

Daniel left BVM and he is now running for Cram Competition, the stables that have made history with the F.Renault 2.0 thanks to numerous wins by a certain Felipe Massa. Other big names followed - José Maria Lopez and Pastor Moldonado. Not to mention talented drivers from the past that grew up under Marcello Rosei’s watchful eye. Names like Cèsar Campanico, Esteban Guerrieri, Adrian Zaugg, Edoardo Piscopo and Jaime Alguersuari. Today Daniel spearheads the Cram Competition and the results will not take long in getting here